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co-work Merimbula Monthly Desk

Monthly Desk


This is a perfect option if you have a specific project you need to focus on or if you simply don’t wish to work from home and would like a more permanent alternative without being locked into any contracts. You can have a desk reserved for approx $11 a day.


We love this option because it’s the best value and allows people to get into a nice routine!


The easy solution…

This works on either a full calendar month or from date to date e.g if you book on the 1st of Feb you can use the space for all of Feb, if you book on the 10th of Feb you can use the space until the 10th of March.


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Cowork Merimbula Free WiFi

WiFi included

Cowork Merimbula networking


Cowork Merimbula printer

Print Facilities

Cowork Merimbula water views

Great Location

Cowork Merimbula stationery


Cowork Merimbula close to cafes

Close to Cafes

Cowork Merimbula Kitchen


Cowork Merimbula friendly


The future is bright.