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co~work Merimbula’s virtual office

Get A Registered Business Address
For Just $33 A Month

No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.

Your new business address will be 1/31 Merimbula Drive, Merimbula, NSW 2548

Who is a co-work Merimbula Virtual Office for?

Our Virtual Office is perfect for anyone in business who would benefit from a physical address in Merimbula but doesn’t need the overheads associated with renting their own office space.

This could be because you’re just starting out in business, you prefer working from home but would rather your personal address remained private, or because your current head office would benefit from a presence in Merimbula for marketing purposes and occasional meeting room rental.

This subscription-based service that allows you to use co-work Merimbula’s business address as your own virtual address. The address is ‘virtual’ because you can use the address to register or market your business but you’re not actually using the physical space as your main office.

Get a business address without all the expensive overheads

Renting a commercial site is expensive! If you’re only looking for a business address, then you’ll save thousands every month.

Keep Your Home Address Private & Secure

Giving out your personal address for the world to see can be confronting. Using a registered business address means you can keep your home address private, safe & secure.

Make It Easier For Your Customers To Find You

Having a physical business address improves your SEO rankings. This makes it easier for customers to find your business as you’ll show up in local search results.

How can a Virtual Office benefit my business?

If you’re a freelancer, sole trader or starting a business, there are many benefits to having a virtual office. Potential customers are less likely to see you or your business as reputable without a registered address and with so many people running a business from home it’s understandable for security and privacy reasons that you wouldn’t want to share your private home address publicly.

A virtual office helps your business build credibility and for a new client or an investor, a company/business with an office address appears more trustworthy than one with a residential address.

For larger companies that know they can serve different geographies yet need to have a presence there to get new clients or for businesses wanting to expand into new places – being able to use co-work Merimbula’s location on your website is a great way of doing this plus it increases your SEO.

The beauty of using a virtual address that’s operational as a co-working space, like here at co-work Merimbula, is that you can additionally hire a hot desk or meeting room when you do require a physical place to work from.

Frequently asked questions

Does a virtual office come with a phone number and receptionist?

No, at co-work Merimbula we don’t offer this service at this stage which is why our price point of $33 a month is lower than the average virtual office fee.

Is there a meeting room available with my virtual office?

Yes, for an additional fee of $15 an hour or $110 for a day (24hours) you can hire co-work Merimbula’s physical Meeting Room. Hot Desks in our open space are also available at $25 a day.

How long is my virtual office contract commitment?

Co-work Merimbula’s virtual office subscription has NO lock in contracts. You can cancel your agreement online any time. Please note, there are no refunds for the month you have already paid for and it’s your responsibility to remove the physical address from any of your marketing, website, ASIC etc

Does a virtual office come with mail forwarding?

Yes! However, we are not a service for your everyday mail. We will physically forward you and registered mail we receive with an additional postage and handling fee or you can pick it up in person for no change.

Does a virtual office help with SEO?

Absolutely! If you want to be found by a client base in a certain area, including a physical address located within that service area offers huge rewards in terms of your SEO strategy.

Including your co-work Merimbula address on your website sends the signal out to search engines that your business services this area and in turn, the customers you want to be found by will discover you with ease!

Can I cancel my virtual office subscription?

Absolutely! To cancel your subscription at any time, please email info@coworkmerimbula.com. We require 14 days notice to ensure additional fees aren’t automatically charged.

About 1/ 31 Merimbula Drive, Merimbula, NSW 2548

We are a co-working space located in the coastal town of Merimbula, NSW, just north of the Victorian border.

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